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If you're like us, you'll agree: there are few practical objects with the richness of history, workmanship, lasting value and -- yes! -- usefulness that classic typewriters offer. There's just something irresistibly appealing about the unmistakeable keystroke sounds, the nifty carriage return bell, and the ingenious interplay of man, machine, paper and ribbon.


Enthusiasts and collectors include nostalgic folks who learned to type on something like a hefty Smith-Corona; computer-age people who find typewriters to be intriguingly quaint; journalists who saw newsrooms change from a clattering cacophony of manual keyboards to a less-boisterous comput- erized affair; authors, aspiring writers and purists who follow in the footsteps of many of literature's greats who wouldn't dream of writing on anything other than a typewriter; and plenty of people who simply love the history or the look or the feel of vintage typewriters.


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